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Arrival and Dismissal

Morning Arrival Procedures


            Student arrival will begin at 7:05 am.  Staff supervision will be in place at that time to ensure student safety.  For teachers to be ready to begin instruction,  we ask that students and parents arriving between 7:05 and 7:15 am report to the assigned locations until the bell rings.  If you have a scheduled appointment with your child’s teacher, the teacher will meet you in the office.  Giving our teachers the opportunity to ensure they are ready for the instructional day is vital to the success of our students!

          Please become familiar with all drop-off procedures on our Arrival and Dismissal Informational Handout.


·      Students may arrive beginning at 7:05 am.


·      Between 7:05am and 7:15am, we ask that students and parents wait in the assigned locations until the bell sounds.


·       All students arriving by car should be released in the turning circle in front of the cafeteria. Please help us keep your child safe by only using the turning circle as a drop-off area.


·      If your child misses the bus and you bring them to school, they cannot be dropped off until 7:05 am. They must be dropped off in the turning circle.


·      Do not drop students off across the street or in the bus lot.


·      If you are walking your child into school, please park on the opposite side of the street.


·      If you are walking your child into school, please use the crosswalk.


·      The lane in front of the school is our Car Traffic Lane.  This lane is used to provide our students a quick and safe drop-off area in the turning circle. Do not park on the school side of the street during morning arrival.


·      The Car Lane Drop-Off moves quickly. Please make sure that your child is packed and ready to exit the car.


·      When exiting the turning circle, you must turn right onto College Street. Trying to turn left across 2 lanes of traffic holds up the Car Lane Line. Please be respectful to the cars behind you by following our request and turning right onto College Street.



Dismissal Procedures




·      Students will not be allowed to check out of school after 2:20 pm.


·      Student dismissal changes will not be accepted over the phone.


·      Transportation changes should be communicated in writing to the teacher.


·      School will dismiss at 2:30 pm..


Car Riders

·      Car riders will be dismissed at 2:30 pm.


·      Each grade level will have an assigned location to stand while waiting to be picked up.


·      If you are walking up to the designated area to pickup your child, you will need to park across the street, use the crosswalk, and present your Pick-up Pass to the teacher.


·      During car dismissal, please allow the teacher to escort all students to their assigned location and to sit down before taking your child. Remember that you must present your Pick-up Pass to the teacher.


·      After receiving your child, use the crosswalk in front of the school to cross the street.


·      Pick-up Pass must be presented. Please make sure that you provide a Pick-Up pass to all family members that will pick up your child.If you need additional passes, please notify the office.


·      Adults without Pick-up passes will be required to come to the office and sign the students out using our computer check-out system.


·      If you need to speak with the teacher, please wait until car dismissal is over. Ensuring that all students are picked up safely is a high priority.


Car Pick-Up Lane

·      We encourage all parents to use our Car Pick-up Lane. 


·      To use this service, please stay in your car and lineup in front of the school.


·     Please place your Pick-up pass in the car window.


·      The Car Lane Line will start in the turning circle at Cone 1 and will continue down College Street past the school.  So please do not park on the school side of the street if you are walking up to pick up your child.


·      A staff member will come to your car and get the student(s) names that you are picking up. Listen for the cone number.


·      The student(s) will be called by Walkie-Talkie to the assigned cone.


·      You will proceed to an assigned cone where the student(s)will be waiting.


·      A staff member will load the student(s) in the car.


·      Proceed out of the turning circle and turn right onto College Street.


·      When all procedures are followed, our Car Pick-up lane moved quickly.



Computer Check-In / Check-Out System


·      This year all Granville County Schools will use a computer system. Please bring ID so we can verify who you are.


·      This system will also be used to check in all visitors to our campus.


·      All visitors are required to check in at the office and obtain a visitors pass using this computer system.


·      During the school day, only visitors that have scheduled a specific time with the teacher to volunteer in the classroom will be allowed.


Thank you for following these procedures. Our goal is to provide a safe and orderly arrival and dismissal for all students. 



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