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Black History Month Minute

Watch this Video on Inventors and other African American Heroes. Click the Picture. Enjoy the other sites at the end of video. Thank you to Pinewood Elementary and PAAC.

Black History Month

Who Am I?

I was born in 1956. On June 4, 1987 I became the first African-American woman to enter the space program. On Sep. 12, 1992. I joined the crew of seven astronauts on the Endeavour, becoming the first African-American woman in space. I was born in Decatur, Alabama and raised mostly in Chicago, Il, and hold multiple awards and degrees including a a B.S. in biomedical engineering and an M.D. I have worked as a medical doctor (including in the Peace Corps). As a child, I spent a lot of time at the school library, reading especially books about space.

I am Mae Jemison.

Let your dreamers build a rocket ship of their own and blast off into outer space at

Listen to the book "Look Up" by Nathan Bryon

See Mae Jemison today -

By Gina Morris

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