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Contact Preferences
The best way to reach me is through email or Remind!

My email address is

To sign-up for Remind! alerts and messaging, text @credle1718 to 81010

I have planning daily 10:50-11:50. During this time, I am able to have face-to-face or phone conferences. If you would like to schedule a conference, please call or email me and we will arrange a time to meet!
Materials for Math
It is imperative that students come with all necessary materials each and every day to class.

Composition Notebook
used for Interactive Notebook which students will take their notes in daily. They should use these to help with homework, review concepts taught, and to prepare for upcoming assessments.

One Inch Binder
used for their weekly assignment. The binder will have 3 tabs: warm-up, homework, and classwork. I expect students to maintain these notebook and have them organized so they can easily access the materials needed to be successful in my class.

Wooden Pencils!
I do not allow students to complete any math in pen. We make mistakes and we must be able to erase them! Also, mechanical pencils cause many problems...they break, run out of lead, erasers break, etc. As a fifth grade team, we decided that students will only use wooden pencils.