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10 months ago

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Credle Christmas Choir meets each Wednesday before Christmas break.  Those who are signed up must participate in each practice.  

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By Samantha Wenninger


6 months ago

By Samantha Wenninger

On rehearsal days, participating Choir members are required to be picked up at 4:00pm sharp.  Permission slips are required for participation.  As Choir is an extracurricular activity and a privilege, students are expected to follow the student code of conduct and attend all practices.  Students that do not strictly adhere to this will no longer be eligible to participate in Choir.

Rehearsals will be after school on Wednesdays from 2:45pm-4:00pm in room 116.  It is imperative that students attend all practices on time and ready to start. Students who are consistently absent will run the risk of being removed from chorus entirely. The majority of what we learn or rehearse during rehearsal greatly affects the individual student as well as the rest of the group. If people are missing in choir, then it makes it difficult for the group to have an accurate idea of how they sound or are how they are progressing.

Choir is an extracurricular activity, but consequences may still be implemented if students are consistently late, absent, or a behavior issue. Since your child has agreed to be in choir, then they have also agreed to attend all practices and performances for the season.  Missing a performance with an unexcused absence will negatively affect the entire group. In some cases, an unexcused absence for a performance may result in the student being removed from choir. Performances may only be considered excused if the student provides a written note signed by their parent or guardian explaining the absence.  Also, please be on time when picking up your child.  Excessive tardiness in picking up your child may also result in the student being removed from choir. 

It is my hope that all students learn valuable information that will increase their performance ability and build well-rounded individuals.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.  I can be reached at (919) 693-9191, or email at